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A trip to Jomsom- Muktinath

Born and brought up in the middle of Kathmandu city, nature has always been a matter of awe for me. The only prospect we would generate from our apartment was the big concrete building and the black top peached roads. I would always be so excited to see the outskirts of the city to be captivated by the hills covered by green and lush fields and trees. Finally, I grew up and my fascination turned into a pursuit and what more honorable way to be closest to nature, yes Trekking! I love trekking, every part of it the feeling of being in the nature itself, the trails through valleys and hills, traversing the beautiful rivers through artfully made bridges (at least for me), those villages we pass through, their civilization, their food and the best part is the finish. The opinion and the sentiment from the destination is always worth it.

With such an obsession, I am one of the lucky ones to be held in Nepal. Nepal, the nation which has several trekking destinations and each one with its own narrative, culture, its own beauty and how can we forget the views! Although till now I have just been to a few of them, I know already none of these posts are starting to disappoint me. My first trekking destination was Muktinath, Jomsom. If you are a first timer then this is the best destination to choose, the walkway is not too overwhelming but the experience is one of the best. Our trek started from Beni, a small town situated around 100kms from Pokhara. We started our trek early at 5am and our destination for the day was Ghasa. We must have reached there around 6:30pm, it was nearly black. But, oh! Let me tell you about the things I saw the first day during that trek. The tall green hills covered with mystic clouds as if it was almost out of a Chinese Ninja movie, and the deep rivers and then down below it almost appeared like a lean line and how can we forget the mountains, the more we walked the bigger they got, it was like being in a 3D poster.

The next day too we started early, our next destination was Jomsom. I was so wound up, I mean it was Jomsom! Our Kathmandu kids will have heard about this situation every bit if it was a fairy tale kingdom, far off and trust me it was. I mean they threw a small rock house with apple trees with actual real apples hanging from them! And they had those beautiful colorful stone gates, I mean for me it was overwhelming. We reached Jomsom sometime around early evening and the following day we stayed in Jomsom itself and caused a little searching. We roamed about the streets of Jomsom tried their local food and then we conducted a little hike to Dhumba lake which was another beauty in it, the turquoise blue lake was something I could not get my eyes away. Day 3 was Kagbeni and Muktinath and back to Jomsom. I recognize it sounds a little tiring, but the trek from Jomsom to Kagbeni is short one and same for the trek from Kagbeni to Muktinath. Kagbeni has a charm of its own, but I especially liked its bridges (I have a thing for bridges), those long paths, swaying from side to side decorated with those colorful flying prayer flags, I loved every bit of it. Reaching Muktinath brought out the religious and the spiritual in me that I never knew I possessed. Later on the term of enlistment of the temple I was at peace, I had finished my first trek (well not really because the whole way back home was still passed on), my dream of being so near to nature had been accomplished. It was then that I knew trekking was my therapy, it would always cause me feel secure and I would have to keep practicing it more.

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