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Top outdoor activities in Nepal

If you are wondering what you can during your next holiday in Nepal and you have a little bit of that adventure in you, then well you are in for a treat. Nepal, a place full of natural diversity from high mountains to plains makes it the best place for outdoor activities and has something in store for everyone. To make things easier for you we have made a list our favorite activities that you can go for when you are in Nepal.

  1. White Water Rafting:

With more than 8 major rivers and hundreds of tributaries, Nepal is a perfect place to try out white water rafting. The beautiful rivers flowing from the mountains create the perfect opportunity for rafting and adding to that will be the view with lush green forests and perfect white sandy beaches. The rafting packages will vary according to the rivers you will want to raft in and you can also customize your packages according to your need. Be it a one day rafting trip or a thrilling 7-10 days rafting trip you will get all the adventure you need. You have many rivers to explore from, rivers like the Trisuli, Bhote Koshi, Kali Gandaki, Marsyangdi, SunKoshi, Karnali are just to name a few and we promise you none of the locations will let you down.

  1. Bungee Jumping:

Bungee Jumping! Free falling into the unknown while just relying on a rope, what a thrill for the adrenaline seekers. Well, even if you are a not the thrill seeking type but bungee jumping is still a thing to do once in your life and also add to it the bragging rights. Nepal, for now has two places that offer you this activity, the pioneer being The Last Resort at Bhote Koshi River and the second one at Pokhara. Both these places will offer you the best experience of bungee jumping and with perfectly trained operators, just be worry free and enjoy your bungee.

  1. Swing:

Swinging is mostly like bungee except after the free fall you swing back and forth with the support of the rope. Till date, The Last Resort in Bhote Koshi is the only place that offers swinging in Nepal but, it is the highest in the world. Just imagine going back and forth in a giant swing at a 240m arc at 150km per hour above a fast flowing river, the rush increases even when you just think about it.

  1. Canyoning:

If you think you will enjoy rafting, then you will surely enjoy canyoning too. For, those of you who are new to it, canyoning is descending, jumping and sliding down canyon walls and waterfalls with the help of ropes and harness that will support you. The descend will ultimately lead to a pool of refreshing natural water. Nepal, has an abundant of hidden waterfalls and canyons which makes it perfect for this activity. There are many places and packages that you can choose from and also customize it according to your requirement.

  1. Cycling/Biking:

Mountain biking/cycling is a recently trending sport in Nepal, with many events happening on mountain biking/cycling nowadays, more people are becoming aware of this sport and are even getting into it. There are many places where you can rent your bikes/cycles and they will also offer you packages if you are looking for an organized trip. You can choose to go anywhere, from high Himalayas with rocky terrains or into the green lush forests full of rich flora and fauna, there will be trails available. Even if you just want a less adventures stroll around the city or the neighboring villages just hire a bike/cycle and you are good to go.

  1. Jungle Safari:

Nepal, is full of rich lush green forests which makes it the perfect home for its diverse flora and fauna. It is a nature lover’s paradise and has the best jungle safari packages. You can enjoy the safari through many activities like bird watching, elephant ride, hiking, jeep safari, boating etc. This is the best way to come up close and personal with the birds, animals and also see the verdure. There are many places and packages you can choose from like the Chitwan wildlife safari, Bardia wildlife safari, Koshi Tappu wildlife safari and much more.

  1. Paragliding:

Paragliding a recreational and a competitive sport has become very popular in the recent few years in Nepal and the reason it has become so popular is because of the bird eye view you get of the beautiful scenery while being able to fly at the same time. There are very few places that will offer you paragliding here in Nepal but that doesn’t stop it from being the best, infact the paragliding in Pokhara is ranked the fifth best one in the world and with the best trained pilots you will have the best experience of your life.

  1. Zip Lining:

Nepal is also proudly home to the most extreme zip line in the world and it is located in Pokhara. Another sweet opportunity for the adrenaline seekers. Sitting on a harness and sliding down the steep steel rope at 100 miles per hour will give you all the exhilaration you need and not to forget the view of the mountains side by side and the beautiful Phewa lake down below. And like every other adventure sports safety comes first and you don’t need to worry about that with the highly trained employees and perfectly engineered rides.

  1. Sight Seeing Tour:

Being a country proud of its natural and cultural diversity, Nepal is rich in history and nature both which makes it the perfect place for sightseeing for all kinds of travelers. Places like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan are places rich in history and art. There are so many beautiful temples and stupas that will tell their own tales. Activities like short and slow hikes are perfect for nature lovers which can be done while enjoying the nature and the view of the city from far away.

  1. Day Hiking.

Hiking is always the best way to explore the nature of any place and if you don’t have to go for treks or yo are jut looking for a lees  strenuous walk but still want to enjoy the nature then day hikes are just the thing you need. The outskirts of many cities in Nepal will have a number of hiking trails. Just 3-4 hours of walking will take you unexpected  and beautiful places. Be your destination a hill top with a bird’s eye view the city or an unexplored  village the hike will always be worth it.

  1. Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is slowly becoming a popular outdoor activity in Nepal among the challenging outdoor sports lovers. Nepal, because of its natural settings is perfect for rock climbing and the exalted beauty of the nature will only add to your rock climbing experience. You can find a number of places that will provide you with packages and train you accordingly.

  1. Fishing or Angling:

Nepal, is the second richest in the world interms of water resources which makes it the most appropriate places for fishing. If you have the patience then fishing can be a very relaxing outdoor activity and there are plenty of places where you can go fishing in here in NEpal. with more than hundreds of fish species fishing inNepal can be an exciting one. There are many packages that will take you to these palces for fishing and angling, the packages will vary from a one day trip to 3-4 day trip.

  1. Bird watching:

The diverse topography of Nepal makes it suitable for a large species of birds making it a heaven for bird watchers. There are more than 850 species of birds that are found in Nepal in different times of the year. Places like Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Taudaha Pond near Kathmandu are famous for bird watching. Bird watching packages can be arranged and can be customizes according t0 your suitability.

  1. Trekking: 

People from all around the world visit Nepal for trekking and the most popular destinations being Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Ghorepani Poonhill, Jomsom(Muktinath) and Rara Lake. But, these are only a few of the large nnumbeer of trekking destinations we have here in NEpal. The diversity of the landcape of epal will also offer you the diversity in the trekking destination as well. From trekking to the base of the mountains to trekking in magical no rain regions Nepal offers you the best of trekking destinations.

  1. Mountaineering:

Home to eight of the highest peaks in the world. Nepal, is a paradise for the mountaineers. From high and difficult  expedition like the Everest Base Camp to several short expeditions Nepal is a perfect place for all kinds of mountaineering enthusiasts. There are many travel companies that will provide you the packages you need and the training, equipment manage your permits etc so you can have a smooth and a safe mountaineering experience.


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