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Peak climbing and mountaineering

Peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal are the most ultimate adventures and just not in Nepal but the whole world. Peak climbing and mountaineering is a completely different level of adventure that requires practice, experience and lot of perseverance. There are several mountain peaks in Nepal, in different regions of that ranges from higher 5000 meters to above 8000 meters in height.


Alike the peak climbing enthusiast who needs skills, mindset and experience the hosts as well need a lot of experience and manpower with right skill set. The peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal requires use of ropes, axes, crampons and a lot of energy and not many expertises in the same. At Aasra eco trek we not only have a team who are capable of planning and accomplishing hassle free and safe trekking in Nepal but also have a team which is equally capable team ensuring safety and hassle free accomplishment of peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal.


According to Nepal mountaineering association (NMA) there are 15 peaks that fall under NMA group A peaks. These peaks are categorized according to how technical the peak is and in group A the peaks range from 5500 meters to 6500 meters in height. Furthermore, there are 18 peaks in NMA group B peaks categories and the height of the mountains range from 5500 to 6500 meters in height. On the other hand, there are peaks that summit more than 7000 meter and further above 8000 meters.


Adventure never ends in Nepal and there are trekkings, peaks, expeditions and mountaineering opportunities for a novice as well as the experts. If there is anything that is ultimate, beautiful and rewarding that it is taking a trip to the peak of the mountains.