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Trekking Adventure Holiday in Nepal

Blessed is Nepal as it is a nature’s playground and home of 8 highest mountains out of 14. Not to forget, there are hundreds of mountains above 6000 meters and hundreds of trails that leads to a different mountain and more than one trail leading to the same mountain. These all in combination create one beautiful Trekking adventure Holiday in Nepal.

The mountains and hills of Nepal are as such that you can create an itinerary for Trekking adventure Holiday in Nepal starting from a day and that could last up to 3 months. Some trails are easy enough to serve a novice and some trails are difficult enough to challenge a pro trekker. There are trips that just takes you to the lush green hills and makes you familiar with the rare habitats, there are treks which takes you all the way up to the base camps of high mountains and there are trips that takes you in the houses of indigenous mountain tribes and get you acquainted in their way of life.

No matter whatever the level of your expertise and the days you intend to be on the mountains, the country will offer only what you wish and we would tailor make the itinerary that would best match your schedule!