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Trekking Adventure Holiday in Bhutan

Bhutan, the only Buddhist Kingdom of the Himalayas, is as well another blessing of mother nature. The landscape, culture, monasteries, palaces and high mountains make Bhutan an absolutely perfect destination for trekking adventure holiday. Bhutan opened its door for tourism in 1974 as a strategy to generate revenue and showcase their uniqueness to the world but however with plenty of restrictions piled Bhutan still cannot be accessed by all. This fact makes Bhutan a very demanded destination.

Bhutan is rich is many terms and above all is its culture. The unique culture, celebrations and tradition have been the primary reasons for people to be attracted towards trekking adventure holiday in Bhutan. The isolation and restrictions have helped Bhutan preserve its culture and practices that have been inherited from centuries. Biodiversity on the other hand is as well out of the world and very exotic. Since Bhutan has different topographies ranging from the subtropical region, it homes some unique and rare species like Bengal Tigers, red pandas, Himalayan marmot and Takin.

The mountains aren’t the tallest in the world but there is not a single doubt about their beauty. Some of the highest peaks in Bhutan are Kula Kangri (7554 m) and Jomolhari (7326 m) and these mountains make the most prominent features of the Bhutan. The cities of Paro and Thimpu are modern as well as preserve the rustic and age old ambiance. The forts and fortresses known as Dzong throughout the country are in abundance and all preserves remnants of ancient Bhutanese kingdom.

These are very few of the many features that makes trekking adventure holiday in Bhutan a very significant destination for travel. Let it be family, group or single travel and let it be tours or trekking holidays you ought to keep Bhutan in your bucket list.